About Fontal

factoryFONTAL Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 and fully representing the KURODA pneumatic components for over 40 years until year of 2002, 3 years after KURODA was acquired by Parker in 1999. 

FONTAL is concentrating on industrial upgrading for automation and delivers high-quality and reliable products. Based upon the solid foundation, FONTAL is able to provide and guarantee products’ stability, longevity, and their superior quality in order to become world’s leading contributor among the mechanical engineering industry. 

Since 1989, FONTAL strives in meeting customer’ needs and requirements. Because FONTAL has acquired the latest technology from Japan and established Pneumatic Cylinder Processing Plant, which provides and customizes a variety of products to the customers in an efficient, timely manner. These guarantees are the edges of the company, differentiating us from others and making us standing out in this industry. 

FONTAL is leading the industry in the categories of safety operation features, and the usage longevity among the products such as Solenoid Valve and HI-ROTOR. In addition, the company materializes its promises into product warrantes thus customers need not worry about the product’s maintaining and repairing issues. 

Since when it was first founded in 1956, over 50 years FONTAL has strived and insisted on using the best parts and spare parts for the products to deliver first-class business solutions to our customers through superior products. Concentration leads to professionalism. That is FONTAL’s motto.