About Fontal

Hongda was established in 1956 and has been an authorized distributor of Japan’s Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. for over 40 years. We are dedicated to enhancing industrial automation and providing high-quality pneumatic components for the machinery industry. From mold design, precision die-casting, plastic molding, CNC machining, drilling and threading, surface treatment, painting, part assembly, testing, quality control, packaging, to customs clearance for export, we offer comprehensive one-stop services to solve customer challenges and reduce management costs.
In 1989, we established a pneumatic cylinder processing factory with Japanese technical authorization to meet the diverse needs of customer machinery. We specialize in producing customized air cylinders and providing prompt delivery, earning recognition in the industry.
Due to the acquisition of Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. by Parker in 2002, we ended our over 40-year tenure as their distributor. Taking on social responsibility and meeting customer demands, we made a full commitment to investment and collaboration with Japanese manufacturers, focusing on the FONTAL brand.
Our product lineup includes solenoid valves, rotary cylinders, air cylinders, three-point combinations, shock absorbers, and auxiliary machinery. We are renowned for our top-notch performance, stability, and longevity. Our mission is to provide high-quality pneumatic components, eliminating concerns about machinery lifespan and maintenance. In recent years, we have also introduced small-sized solenoid valves and servo motors to meet the needs of the thriving electronic high-tech industry in Taiwan. We have received positive feedback in various sectors such as spring machinery, material handling, robotic arms, printing, tire manufacturing, and specialized machinery for motion and control.
In 2007, we established a factory in Suzhou, China, to produce customized products and provide prompt delivery and high quality to domestic customers, earning industry recognition.
In 2013, we introduced servo motor and servo drive manufacturing technologies through collaboration with Japanese experts, expanding into the field of electrical control automation.

Hongda has always adhered to the principles of strengthening the brand, maintaining quality, sustainable operation, and innovative services. We continuously improve our quality standards and obtained ISO-9001 international certification in July 2014.

In 2022, we introduced aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturing technology and expanded our facilities to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Throughout our nearly 60 years in business, we have strived to provide the best components for the machinery industry. We will continue our efforts to develop the latest technologies and provide excellent automation solutions for limitless industrial growth. We sincerely appreciate your support and opportunities to serve you.