Floating Joint

Additional Equipment — Floating Joint Features:
Fontal floating joint solve the issue of machine life reduction due to centrifugal and offset caused by air cylinder and mechanism. Fontal floating Joint can absorb “centrifugal” or “no parallel accuracy” between air cylinder and moving parts. Because of this, centering is not necessary, the installation time can be greatly reduced, and the high precise processing, horizontal alignment can also be omitted.
・High strength
・Processing and installation time savings
・Easy to replace
・ Increase the stability of the machine

Floating Joint FC Series

Model No Applicable
cylinder bore size
 FCM3-0.5 Z Series φ 6  ±5°  0.5  Direct mounting
FCM4-0.7 Z,X Series φ 10
FCM5-0.8 Z Series φ 16
FCM8-1.25 J Series φ 20 0.75 Direct mounting,
Flange mounting,
Foot mounting
FCM10-1.25 X Series φ 32
FCM10-1.5 J Series φ 25
FCM12A-1.25 J Series φ 32
FCM14A-1.5 J,K,X Series φ 40 1.0
FCM18A-1.5 K,X Series
φ 50,φ 63
 FCM22A-1.5  K,X Series φ 80 2.0
 FCM26A-1.5  K,X Series φ 100 3.0

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