Angular 2 Finger Gripper

2 Finger Gripper — Angular 2 Finger Gripper

Parallel 2 Finger Gripper FCHY Series
Unibody design with precision linear guide. Hhigh rigidity, high precision

 Model No FCHY-10 FCHY-16 FCHY-20 FCHY-25 FCHY-32
  Bore size (mm) 10 16 20 25 32
Working media     Air
 Acting     Double acting
 Operating pressure
 Ambient temperature   0~60
Max cycle per minute     180
Lubrication Cylinder Supply free way
Curved arm parts Required
 Theoretical gripping moment
(M) kgf-cm
 Closed side 0.16×P 0.8×P 1.7×P 3.4×P  6.1×P
Open side 0.26×P  1.1×P  2.3×P  4.3×P  8.1×P
 Max length of attachment
from finger end (L) (mm)
30 40 60 70 85
 Effective Gripping force (F) kgf(N)  F=M/L×0.85
Angle of Cripping Close & Open    -10~+30
Pore size  M3×0.5p M5×0.8
Magnet device  Magnet device included

● F: Effective gripping force, L: Max length of attachment from finger end, M: Theoretical gripping moment, P: Pressure Kgf / cm²

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